Everything and Everyone – All on One Platform.


SiteWareMOM™ maps every aspect of your enterprise, delivers real-time operational control and accountability and enables planning and modeling for any eventuality. Applications of SiteWareMOM™ technology have proven to be effective in numerous industries, saving time and money on some of the world’s most demanding infrastructure projects.

The virtual environment of SiteWareMOM™ is so powerful that it transcends language barriers. English-speaking project managers can submit purchase orders, Portuguese vendors can read them and French executives can track their delivery and installation in real-time.

Prior to SiteWareMOM™, organizations were forced to rely upon a cobbled-together collection of independent technology tools which, although an improvement over paper and spreadsheet functionality, presented an incomplete, expensive and hard to manage set of tools for the management of business operations across an entire enterprise.

NDI provides a staff of engineers and designers to customize SiteWareMOM™ to the particular needs of your business or project. We also offer onsite services such as data center operations monitoring.