Beyond Design-BIM-Build

Sari™ delivers a full lifecycle design/build/operate solution for all aspects of the construction industry. On top of its breathtakingly detailed 3-D modeling environment, the platform provides a thoroughly field-tested suite of 43 collaboration and operational management platforms.

With over a decade of development and refinement, Sari™ is now the most advanced construction management platform in the world. In the field, Sari™ has consistently proven to eliminate change orders, waste and improve time, savings, quality even for the most complex and challenging projects.

☑ Full lifecycle solution
☑ Manage in real-time
☑ Reduce change orders
☑ Highly detailed project scheduling
☑ Dynamic real-time 3-D modeling
☑ Identify and prevent conflicts
☑ Accurate cost calculations
☑ Manage quotes, bids and purchasing
☑ Worldwide collaboration and communication platform
☑ Full integration with existing financial and project management systems

Costly change orders, mistakes, delays, and misunderstandings are minimized with a highly detailed, easily understood model that tracks people, material, documents and project metrics in real-time. Stakeholders, from executives to tradesmen, share the same real-time project views, enabling consistency and eradicating confusion and mistakes regardless of their location, language, skill sets or task parameters.

Sari™ combines intuitive, highly detailed virtual modeling, artificial intelligence and traditional accountability and project management techniques to achieve a level of planning and control which is superior even to the emerging “Design-BIM-Build approach to construction management. No other product on the market can equal the level of refinement, years of experience and track record of proven success in the field.

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