Using SiteWareMOM’s virtual modeling and systems integration platform, correctional facilities are safer, more efficient and more adaptable than ever before. SiteWareMOM™ integrates data from any number of sources, including existing systems, and puts them into a breathtakingly accurate 3-D real-time virtual model of the entire facility – which then can be populated, monitored and tracked in realtime. Policies and procedures can be defined and monitored, with instant alarm and notifications systems up and running 24/7.

Using its artificial intelligence capabilities, SiteWareMOM™ presents a powerful risk mitigation and planning tool. Analysis and testing of policies, procedures and facility design is highly accurate and efficient, using inputs such as inmate profile data, master program schedule, real time location system, officer medical/HR data and facility drawings, among many others.

Because SiteWareMOM™ accumulates knowledge and realtime data, it can also be used to identify patterns and trends relevant to planning and risk mitigation initiatives.

Visual monitoring of movements and activity throughout the entire facility is possible with SiteWareMOM™, as is post-event analysis.

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