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Sari™ weds it’s process-driven management and communication tools to a breathtakingly detailed, yet intuitive visual simulation. Managers can literally see – both during planning and in real-time during operation – every detail of even the most complex data center consolidations.

Consolidations are inherently complex and challenging. Every piece must be synchronized to move at the right moment. Transportation needs to be coordinated months in advance. Loading docks need to be able to accommodate the transportation. Physical security for classified information has to be maintained throughout. The target location for each asset needs to be clearly understood. Some assets will be re-purposed to support the organization, some will support other organizations, other assets may be excessed, and still others may be virtualized. It only takes one schedule slip to cause a cascade of unintended consequences, which in turn can cause further scheduling delays.

Visual and programmatic orchestration of the move allows program managers to clearly understand, communicate and react to even the most complex operation, down to every individual moving part, every person, every function – and their respective dependencies.

Initially developed and perfected in the architectural and construction industries, Sari™ uses four key steps – Model – Move – Monitor – Manage – to help organizations intelligently orchestrate moves in a visual fashion. Through the use of NDI’s Consolidation Methodology organizations can visually coordinate all activities involved in a data center consolidation effort.

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