Vision, Automation, Self-Control, Digital AI Robots

From Design, Network, Data, Applications, Configuration, Workforce to Daily and Visualization of future Operations

Model and manage every aspect of your data center – in breathtaking detail. Sari™ gives you a dynamic real-time virtual world that puts your entire business environment on a single powerful platform, including tangible real-world objects, their characteristics, business rules, processes, and the time dimension.

Sari™ 43 platforms gives the operational team the power to manage all physical and logical assets, including non-IT assets. With the full integration of all dependencies and interrelations already mapped, Sari™ becomes the baseline for on-going operations with human and not human intervention.

Inherent to Sari™ is a highly robust set of management features – from electrical and cooling to configuration and patch management – with no additional cost or effort. The same tool used to visually orchestrate and intelligently automate data, applications, configuration, network, digital and real workforce and operational consolidation can be used to manage the daily operations. The return on investment (ROI) is almost immediate.

☑ Single-pane enterprise-wide modeling and control

☑ 3-D virtual network and IT infrastructure in real time and in any context – past present and future

☑ Includes alerts, provisioning, deployment, patching, project planning, financial and vendor management tools

☑ Retrieve real-time network loads

☑ Discover all network devices

☑ Eliminate static and partial information

☑ Monitor financials in real time, with full accountability tracking

☑ Proven within the most demanding and security conscious environments

Implemented by the US Department of Defense, International Commercial and Government  entities on some of its most sensitive data center operations, the Sari™ Ecosystem platform has proven robust and reliable through years of sophisticated planning, construction and daily management operations.

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