Ahead of the Curve

- Since 1998 -

Well into its second decade, NDI’s technology is not only well-tested, it’s world-leading.

Initially working on large-scale construction projects, data centers and AI operations, Sari’s Superior Artificial 3D Replica Intelligence Ecosystem early successes lead to the ongoing development of the Ecosystem platform’s capabilities.

Driven by the real-world business goals of its clients, Sari™ Ecosystem and its Integrated 43 Platforms became a truly advanced, comprehensive platform through years of interactive development and deployment. Unlike many other products now being developed, Sari™ is proven to be both robust and practical – while delivering a high degree of accuracy and sophistication.

Today, NDI's SARI supports the design, upgrade, operations, expansions of data center and critical infrastructure facilities across numerous industries and government agencies and segments.

What our clients say