SiteWareMOM™ - SARI

IMAGINE a digital world where you can clone yourself, then .... such digital LIVE entity will performed real actions inside your corporate digital world replica.

Such digital actions will be as per your corporate activities role and direction, your clone will increase your personal and shareholders value to unparalleled levels unknown to today's corporate world.

Imagine a world where you can clone yourself and create your own “army” of replicas, sending them out to do your bidding… Well, we are not quite there yet…. Well, we are not quite there yet…. but we are close. What if instead, you could create multiple intelligent purpose-built digital replicas of yourself or replicas of your workforce and dispatch them to manage, perform and act in real time your corporate assets, roles and responsibilities.

Meet SiteWareMOM™’s SARI….

There is a need to oversee, manage and control actions on Information Technology – Facilities – Finance & Operations.

Therefore, you create Replica 1 (R1 of yourself) is dispatched to manage Information Technology – Finance – Facilities – Operations directly connect to critical data and/or software applications, then perform actions such as fixing, configuring, reverting or preventing situations 24x7x365 (replacing engineer(s)), R2 of yourself is off to manage facilities operations, R3 of yourself manages finance and operations, last but not least R4 of yourself is tasked with managing R1, R2, & R3, reporting to you (the real you) on what’s going on in your operational roles. 

SARI ahead of the curve technology increasing the Shareholders value daily. 

SiteWareMOM™ … SARI ... A Superior Artificial 3D Replica Intelligence ecosystem

AI clone

SiteWareMOM™’s – SARI creates a virtual replica of your operational world and then dispatches a battalion of digital robots to help monitor, manage and control the physical and logical assets of the enterprise. SARI releases the human workforce from a plethora of repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing them to perform higher value activities that will advance the corporate goals.

This real digital replica of your world, SARI, allows you to connect to all assets, applications, data and resources creating a “LIVE” precise facsimile of your environment. SARI enables you to create “what if” scenarios by entering hypothetical data-points into a “future” construct, to simulate various investment scenarios where all activities are broken down in digital actions. Actions in SARI can include “real actions” such as adding a cable, moving a device, or removing an asset. Actions can also provide specific processes to granularly manage and control all operational activities in “real time” or project future scenarios.

In a world where SARI is on the job, multiple digital replicas of yourself populate and patrol your environment and allows you to do more with less. Business situations are managed by the “digital replica army”, increasing your profitability, reducing your real physical activity level, workforce requirements, and business outages, empowering you to have more time, while your digital replicas work for you with machine efficiency and at a fraction of the cost.

SARI a superior Artificial 3D Replica Intelligence ecosystem which enables, ensures, supports, increase & exceeds the Value Based Enterprise Management approach consistently maximizing shareholders value.

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