43 Standard Integrated Business Functions Platforms

Developed In The Real World

Sari™ has been developed in the real world. Throughout highly sophisticated data center projects, Telco, Medical for the US Government, complex and tightly scheduled construction projects around the world and planning and coordinating large scale improvements for operating airports and cities, our team of engineers and designers has honed Sari™ to handle a wide variety of functions relating to project success.

Each of these functions has been tested in the field – in real world projects –and has been proven to perform seamlessly both on the Sari™ platform itself, and in integration with numerous existing systems as well. As new challenges have arisen, our team has simply upgraded and expanded Sari™ artificial intelligence to ensure project success.

Today’s SARI™ Ecosystem delivering 43 Standard Integrated Business functions Platforms:
1. 3DM Real time Tridimensional Geometry
2. 4DM Time Sensitive
3. 5DM Business Rules
4. ADM Audit
5. AEM Automatic Educational
6. AINM Analysis Modeling
7. BDM Bid Modeling
8. BIM Building Information Modeling
9. BPM Business Process
10. CBLM Cable Management
11. CDP Catalyst Data Processing
12. CM Change
13. CPM Compliance
14. CSM Construction
15. CFGM Configuration
16. CGVM Corporate Governance
17. CRM Customer Relationship
18. DMM Document
19. D-3D-AI Dynamic 3D-AI*Digital Human Actions
20. EAM Enterprise Physical & Logical Asset
21. EFM Entitlement Features
22. EPM Enterprise Project
23. ERPM Enterprise Resources
24. FNM Financial
25. FCM Facility
26. GPM Global Planning
27. GIDM Global Internal Decision
28. ITM Information Technology
29. ITDSS Intelligence Decision Support System
30. NAM Network Automatic Discovery
31. OADM Object Action Driven
32. OAM Open Architecture
33. OPSM Operations
34. OPSEBM Operational Business
35. PRM Procurement
36. RT3DO Real Time 3D Objects
37. SDM Service Desk
38. TSDB Time Sensitive DB
39. VSM Visualization
40. VRM Virtualization
41. WSOP Web Server Open Platform
42. WWC Worldwide Coverage
43. WFM Workforce

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